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Can you pick the right doors and beat all 10 levels? Play to find out. If you get stuck on a level just explore other options. This game was made in 7 days for the community game jam. This is the first game jam that I have ever participated in, and my first real complete game. I had a great time working on this project. I wish everyone good luck. The theme of the game jam was "the game is a liar". Feel free to leave feedback in the comment section. If you play the game, please consider leaving a comment, I would love some feedback.

Install instructions

If you want to play the game, all you need to do is download the zip file.

ZIP FILE: Unpackage the file inside and run the executable.


Doors v.1.0 - ZIP FILE.zip 17 MB


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Interesting game idea, most of the clues are farly readable so you don't get stuck.

Music and sounds are well fiting, the artstyle is simple but I think its nice.

Some more variatons in the room would made it more intresting, like difrent kind of doors, or some decorations.

I enjoyed playing, definitely a nice submission with a sweet ending, congrats on your first finished game, well done :)

Thank you for playing and leaving a thorough review. I might try to make a Doors 2 in the future, and I will definitely use your suggestions. Thanks!

GG! I like the trick at the level 8 where you have to choose the "fourth" door . 

Btw, nice idea for an ending :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you played through it, and yes I would say that your game is short but very hard, I died 127 times.

Ok, next game I’ll make it easier. And do you plan to do more games ?

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yes, I am planning on making more games. Thanks for asking.